How dwell came to be


In 2012 my wife & I (Tony) bought our first home....

Someone, somewhere gave this young couple with very little cash on hand a loan (wild). And, we wanted to make the BEST purchase possible. We imagined inviting our friends over for pizza around our small wooden table, playing with our dogs in a fenced backyard, and a living room big enough to hold everyone while we watched the Super Bowl.

What we soon realized is that we were imagining a HOME, the place we would live life, put down roots, build upon friendships, the place we would DWELL. But underneath that home we were eager to create, was a house - wiring, plumbing, termite-infested floor boards. We did our homework to know what questions to ask and spent hours making phone calls to plumbers, roofers, tree service companies. "How old do you think this is?" "How much life does it have left?" "Can that come down?" It was A LOT of work. But, we negotiated with the seller to have some things fixed prior to closing and we pulled together cash to fix a bit more. 

That home was PERFECT for us. We bought a small wooden table and invited people to sit around it with us most nights of the week. We created lasting relationships with the neighbors. And we brought home our firstborn child to that very space. 

The research we did for our first home was remarkably fulfilling for me. It reminded me of why I got into construction to begin with. The years I spent physically building houses as an undergrad made me passionate about homes - how they're made & how they're used. I decided to pursue becoming a home inspector in 2016, logging hours studying and observing other inspectors and building upon my Construction Management and Civil & Construction Engineering Technology degrees.

Almost 3 years into starting Dwell, we now have two home inspectors in two cities providing quality inspection services and can work to provide you with the information you need about your house, so you can spend time thinking about making it the place you'll dwell.